Caring for the Community

Our workforce is recruited locally to ensure the local economy is supported. There are numerous benefits this brings: stregthens the community bonds, provides employment, improves local services and develops local skills for the future.

Looking After the Environment

When making an investment into luxury property it is essential to know that every aspect of the build is top quality and also that it takes into account the effect on the environment and the community.

We sourced building materials from the locality when-ever possible to to help nearby suppliers and to reduce transport miles.

For instance, we brought in our own brick making machine as we needed over 50,000 for the building and boundary walls. Training in building skills is very important to the area as it will help people improve their homes, schools and community centres.

The making of the Villa - click to view each slideshow

Where-ever possible we use local materials and suppliers. Construction methods sensitive to the area were implemented to minimise transportation and energy consumption.

  • Locally sourced building supplies
  • On-site brick manufacturing
  • Local skills recruitment
  • Local wood props and scaffolding
  • Doors, cupboards and shelves use local wood and carpenters
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room
The main room

The Beginning - Making Bricks

All the bricks were made on site, 50,000 of them.

Making More Bricks

It's basic technology, it really works but it's noisy!

Rendering the walls

Preparing the Land

Building the boundary wall and preparing the plots.

Preparing to lay the roof
Mountains of sand and aggregate
It's just easier to carry buckets this way

Digging out the pool

The Swimming Pool

We increased the size of the pool to make it even better.

Wide angle view.
Installing the re-informent

Using wooden props

The First Floor

Metal props aren't available in Kenya so we use local techniques.

The structure is ready
Preparations before the cement is poured

Supporting the orpahnage

Helping Local Orphanges

From getting sponsors for children to helping out with the purchasing of weekly provisions, every little bit helps to build a brighter future for the local commmunity.