• The pool and veranda

A few things about us and our amazing luxury villas.

Luxury at its very best

  • Exclusive and luxury in a truly beautiful location
  • With large pool and landscaping
  • Quality construction with the highest grade materials
  • Low maintenance and staffing costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beneficial to the local economy
  • Properties can be rented out
  • Secure and safe community

The sunken seating area

Fantastic Innovation and Interior Design

Our construction techniques use the best of local resources combined with proven building materials suitable for the climate and land. For instance, our experience tells us not to use perishable materials like makuti roofing that over time will need to be renewed.

The design of the villas makes use of natural airflow with the roof providing a high degree of thermal insulation and energy-saving thus keeping the house comfortably air-conditioned.

Each villa has it’s own private well that significantly reduces the costs of irrigation and the filling of the swimming pool.

We invite you to invest in a property that above all is of a design and construction quality never seen before on this coast and will provide a luxury, relaxing home just yards from a golden beach.

World Wide Acclaim

First Prize for Exemplary Service in Real Estate

First prize

12th Kenya Homes Exhibition

Hon. Soita Shitanda, Minister for Housing in Kenya, awards Desirée Bellomi of Desiderata Investments for their “Exemplary Service in Real Estate” category during the 12th Kenya Homes Expo: the biggest Expo in Eastern and Central Africa.

This project was created with the intention to offer the Kenyan market a revolutionary, exclusive, luxury villa development. Desiderata Investments Limited are fully independent pioneers in the design and construction of exclusive homes and villas.
Innovatory interior design

British Airways magazine

Our Promise on Quality

We have established a world-wide reputation for the quality and innovation in the planning and construction of our villas.

Here are our previous awards:

Dubai 23rd October 2013
Then London December 2013

We were awarded not only the Best Architecture Single Residence in Kenya, the best in the whole of Africa and then the whole of he world! Click here to go to the International Property Awards website.

  • Highly Commended Development Multiple Units Kenya
  • Best Property Single Unit Kenya
  • Best Architecture Single Residence Kenya
  • Best Architecture Single Residence Africa
  • Best Architecture Single Residence World

We now celebrate the recognition from a highly prestigious internationally acclaimed architectural organisation. Our many years of planning and hard endeavour to create fabulous luxury villas to the highest level of design and finish is rewarded.

The Best International Award4 International Awards

Words are not enough…

Words are not enough to describe one of the world’s most beautiful beaches with golden sand, warm clear ocean water and glorious sunsets and sunrises.

Turning south towards Malindi and Watamu, turtles climb the beaches to lay their eggs in the darkness of the night then return to the ocean before the first glimmers of the dawn approach.

turtle going back to the ocean

Going north through palms, you can take the pathway, made from coconut husks, to nearby romantic Che Shale. Here you can have lunch on the beach of locally caught shrimps, lobster or fish while watching the kite-surfers catch the wind.

Wind surfing

Beyond this are the salt flats, where most of Africa’s salt comes from. It is a spectacular sight with shallow ponds of salt water evaporating in the heat.

Then further on, across a small creek, is the magnificent Robinson Island with a wonderful restaurant built from beach combing. It has no license so bring your own drinks.

Further Details

  • Mambrui, a small fishing village, is just 15 minutes drive from Malindi Airport.
  • The Golden Luxury Villas are approximately 2 hours drive from Tsavo National Park, Kenya’s largest Wildlife Reserve.
  • The Maasai Mara, one of the wonders of the natural world, is only 2 hours away by plane.
  • Che Shale – where there’s an intimate, friendly restaurant on the beach and a kite-surfing centre.
  • Nearby is the exclusive Kola Beach Resort with whom we have a special arrangement.
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